File this one under: weird but good.

Here's the NFL Network's commercial for the 2013 NFL Draft, which will take place later this month (April 25-27), and it focuses on the emotions of the players and their families. But what's that eerie, evocative, uplifting music playing underneath? That's "Dry Up Those Tears," the 1972 single from blind Oregon guitarist/songwriter Bob Desper.

That single, and Desper's '74 album New Sounds, were reissued in recent years, bringing Desper back into public view after years of only making music for himself and his church. I wrote a review for New Sounds here, and did an interview with Desper here, and also, here's a few words about the amazing, truly amazing show he did at the Woods in June 2010, with Dolorean's Al James and Jon Neufeld backing him up.

While Desper's profile has certainly been raised in recent years, seeing him soundtrack a commercial is pretty unusual, but maybe not all that surprising: Al James works at Mutt Industries, which created the ad for the NFL Network. You can here all of "Dry Up Those Tears" (really a great song) by going here.

Thanks to Paul Montone for the tip.