In case you missed it, the evening commute is insane today, with suspicious packages cropping up all over the place.

The Steel Bridge was closed while a Portland Police Bureau bomb squad investigated a toolbox that was left on the upper deck. Commuters were shunted from the MAX onto buses on either side of the bridge.

Then TriMet sent out this perfunctory statement: "There was a report of a possible suspicious item on a bus near SW 5th and Alder. It was nothing. The bus has been cleared and has returned to service."

And then another:

There have been a number of reports and unsubstantiated claims about suspicious items. Portland Police Bureau is handling all information about the items. All inquiries should go to Pete Simpson. I will be updating TriMet service information as it develops. Due to the closure of the Steel Bridge, MAX service is disrupted. Riders can take regular bus service or shuttles from SW 1st and Oak or Union Station to Rose Quarter Transit Center. Riders should expect delays.

Good luck out there!