One of the sad little ironies about Star Trek is that the further it gets away from creator Gene Roddenberry, the better it becomes: From Wrath of Khan to Deep Space Nine to "The Best of Both Worlds" to J.J. Abrams' reboot, the best Trek is frequently the stuff that's the least like Roddenberry's original vision. The "hired hands" who come in to guide Trek are frequently the ones who manage to find the nebulous core where the best Trek stories happen—ones that embrace Roddenberry's humanist idealism and iconic characters without getting dragged down in blandness, fan service, or self-satisfaction.

Naturally, this means there's no small number of stubborn Trekkies who staunchly refuse to accept Abrams' action-packed version of Star Trek; this is fine, as they'll eventually either die off due to old age or due to being crushed under their stacks of Enterprise DVDs. As they make their preparations to go to their eternal rest in photon torpedo coffins, however, the rest of us can look at the new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness and be like yes! Okay! Let's watch that! This looks exciting and fun and cool! I like Kirk! I love Bones! Hey, it's Spock! What! Benedict Cumberbatch! The future will be hard but we can handle it! Let's do it! Let's go get this son of a bitch!