Over the weekend, Korean Drew Carey impersonator PSY dropped his newest instant hit, "Gentleman M/V". It's already over 80 million views despite being about a merchant vessel called "Gentleman" (and like all other news stories mentioning the number hits, this paragraph will be outdated almost instantly).

Although I can't tell you why, I really want him to succeed. Maybe it's because I'm tired of kids and cats getting all the YouTube juice (I'm looking at you, Rebecca Black and keyboard cat, but not really because nobody is looking at you anymore) and I like seeing a hard working professional get hit with the Internet stick on his 6th album.

I also have a feeling that if this is good, it validates all of us who liked his last one. We weren't taken in by a lie, like when Twitter said Morgan Freeman died or North Korea said it had nuclear weapons.

Also, he just seems nice. Maybe it's the glasses.

So here it is, his new video "Gentleman M/V."

…and I like it! I wasn't sure for the first minute but he won me over. I like the slight variation on the Gangam Style dance, I like that he's wearing a skirt (or a skort?) the whole time, I like that because he's Korean I don't know if he's weird or not, I like the Englishisms that sound like other Englishisms ("Wet PSY" sounds like "west side" and "mother father gentleman" sounds like, well you figure it out.), and I like the logo of his round head.

I could really do without the sticky handshake and, biting the white snake in half (that might be noodles but who knows with Koreans), and the outtakes.

But overall, I think it's a solid follow up. PSY, welcome to the very exclusive group of people who got suddenly famous and did a pretty good job of following their own debuts.

What do you think?