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• "Trans4mers 4: Paramount to Cast Chinese Actors Via Reality TV Show." Lay it on me, Hollywood Reporter! "Launched at a press conference in Beijing on Thursday, the Trans4mers 4 Chinese Actor Talent Search will be a new talent competition television show in which the four winners—two with professional acting experience, two without—will be granted roles in the next entry of the franchise." Just when you think you've got a grip on Michael Bay's artistic integrity, he goes and does something like this.

• Jeff Bridges, Ryan Reynolds, and Mary Louise Parker all deserve better. Hey, Ryan Reynolds' agent: STOP PUTTING HIM IN SHITTY COMIC BOOK MOVIES. He's oh-for-four at this point. It's not working. Stop putting him in shitty comic book movies.

Disney's going to squeeze out a Star Wars EVERY SINGLE YEAR starting in 2015 and ending never. I'm wearing a Boba Fett hoodie right now and drinking out of a coffee mug shaped like Darth Vader's face and jesus christ even I don't want that many Star Wars movies to get shat out that fast.

"Americans have stated their choice" for movies that aren't rated R, National Association of Theater Owners CEO John Fithian scolded studios at Hollywood's annual exhibitor love-in, CinemaCon. To be fair, Fithian also said something smart—

The exhibition trade show chief also says that studios focus too much on men, and need to make more films for women and minorities. For example, Latinos are the top movie goers on a per capita basis.

—but goddammit, right after that, he went and said a stupid thing again. A couple of stupid things, actually:

Fithian says that theaters are doing their part by diversifying the concessions they offer. "In many locations it is not dinner and a movie, it’s dinner at the movies." And he congratulated NATO’s New York chapter for suing to block NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-obesity effort to control sales of super-sized sugar drinks. "Cinema patrons deserve the freedom to choose their food… without the government choosing for you." (Via.)

This has been "Everything Terrible About Hollywood" for Thursday, April 18, 2013. See you at the movies!