Nico Santos at Bar of the Gods opener
  • Nico Santos at Bar of the Gods opener

So according to Twitter and a few drunks I talked to on my way home last night, there were some moments of serious awesomeness on some of the Bridgetown stages last night. I am here to report that this experience was not universal. There was also some not-so-awesome, and apparently I got to see most of it.

I wanted to see some people I'd ever seen before so I hit the 7pm show at Bar of the Gods. Except for Nico Santos, I didn't know anyone else on the bill.

And you know? It's tough to go first. It's even tougher to go first in a cramped little back room under a fucking skylight when the sun is still out because it's Portland in April.

And it's even tougher than that when there's some crazy lady sitting right up front talking back to the comics the entire time (no, I'm not talking about myself). So I want to cut the comedians who had to perform there at 7 a little slack, and give most of them a lot of credit for handling the talky lady, who was just fucking obnoxious. Come on people: let the comedians do their sets. It's why they're here. It's why you paid to come to the show. Seriously. Stop trying to have a conversation with them when they're on stage, even if that stage is only a foot away from you.

With all of these elements working against it, it was for the most part a pretty lackluster show. There were a few good moments despite host Neel Nanda rolling out tired Indian stereotypes. And it was disappointing that pretty much everyone who took the stage — men AND women — spent time talking about how those ladies are just SO silly, especially with the sex, am I right, people?

Santos was solid, but also seemed a little distracted by the relative meh of the scene, and no one was handling the sunlight well at all.

Shawn Pearlman had some pretty original material, and should be worth checking out at a different venue. I left before seeing Rebecca O'Neal, but I've heard about her and look forward to catching her later this weekend.