I'm not sure how everyone else can crank out drunken and early-morning updates, but here's what you get from a hungover staffer...

This ain't a shock but the Hollywood District is kinda sleepy. And I love the Hollywood Theatre, LOVE LOVE LOVE, but seeing comedy there is not exactly optimal. As one comedian said, the jokes just float up into the ether of the huge ceiling. So there was a sleepy vibe to the last half of Funny Over Everything and the next show, the Crappy Cinema Council. Peter Serafinowicz's closing set at Funny Over Everything, which killed on Thursday at the Mt. Tabor, didn't have the same punch when he did his hysterical Paul McCartney impression and bits from classic cinema. Eh, it was early—maybe the audience wasn't lubed yet. But don't miss him! He's dreamy.

The Crappy Cinema Council show had a similar lack of energy from the crowd. It's a concept that seems perfect for a bar show—short stand-up sets bookended by two clips from roaringly bad movies—but it felt a little choppy and intimate for the Hollywood. Plus the two hosts, Jim Crocamo and Jim VanBlaricum, are super laidback. The comics' sets were great (especially Emily Heller—I want her to be my friend), but it was Moshe Kasher who set the place on fire. He did a frantically funny act that I think he made up that afternoon, based on going to a strip club, which took him on an epic journey into a stripper fan's vagina where he met a sage and himself and climbed a mountain and saw some poop and... It was amazeballs and got kinda lost on the drowsers. But fight, kick, and kiss to go see Moshe Kasher before Bridgetown's over, he's got a bunch more sets. Alison thinks he's going to win Iron Comic tonight at the Hollywood (bonus: that show is always high-energy).

I dashed off to Hawthorne after that. And saw a multitude of funny: the mayhem of Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, Richard Bain's bare butt (and undercarriage) at the Tanker, Ron Lynch being everyone's favorite tippling uncle, and plenty of face time with a can of PBR. Alison covered the rest of that jazz. On the docket for tonight: Who Charted? at the Mt. Tabor, Eagles Lodge Late Night, and more Tanker shenanigans.