Very droll, roller derby, very d-roll. Getting in on the laughs of Bridgetown, there was a 10 a.m. bout this morning at Oaks Park. Hahahaha, watch Courtney get up super early in all her crapulence and go watch loud things, look as she winces at the thin sunlight. All of Saturday's laughs were worth it though. Like an ever-expanding mega-colon, Bridgetown packed in nutrients like the great Simpsons panel (which Alison will recap) to the live taping of Who Charted? to the TED Talks parody CHAD Chats. Approximately 214 PBRs went down my gullet and the nice lady at the Eagles Lodge tried to poison me with whiskey.

Besides the complex dynamics of the Simpsons panel, the Who Charted? show was a definite highlight. The popular podcast uses top-five charts to get to know their guests—limeys Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz for this episode—with hosts Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack. Speaking of hungover... Kremer was in dire shape, I think he said less than 200 words the whole show. The off-the-cuff program was fun, with the Brits charming the crowd. During a countdown of new-age chart toppers, Serafinowicz whipped out his phone so we could hear his Dalek relaxation tape—so soothing!!

Other highlights from the evening: I lost my notebook. Virginia Jones' CHAD Chat about Prince apparently killed; I caught the tail end. Catch an Anthony DeVito set (White Owl, 8 pm tonight), cuz that dude is super likeable. Randy Mendez is a great host. I liked these ladies: Candy Lawrence's spastic energy, the I'm-a-shitty-drunk Alison Leiby, and mermaid-haired Erin Lennox, who's doing a set for All Jane, No Dick tonight.

Buckle up, chucklers. It ain't over yet.