Natasha Leggero monologuing at Theme Park.
  • Natasha Leggero monologuing at Theme Park.

You guys, Theme Park is totally fun. It's improv comedy in the hands of real pros who listen to each other well, work together, and put on a really great show. Sure, since it's improv, it can be a little spotty — but seeing them deal with it in real time is part of what gives the show its energy.

For this show, guest monologist Natasha Leggero improvises monologues based on suggestions from the audience. Then the cast, loosely led by the very funny Cole Stratton, builds long-form improv scenes inspired by what she talked about in her monologues.

Leggero is great, very funny and quick. At Saturday's show she at first seemed a little out of her element having to make something up right on the spot, but as soon as she found her groove she told wonderful, weird stories from her life, most of which focused on the fact that she was kind of horrible as a kid, grew into a young adult who made questionable choices that led to Thai sex shows and Australian brothels, and all of this came from a girl raised in Rockford, Illinois, where Taco Bell was the town's premiere Mexican restaurant.

The cast ran with it and had a great series of interconnected scenes that stretched from Rockford town meetings to Michael Hitchcock doing an uncanny, creepily awesome Bruce Jenner impersonation to Oscar Nunez performing the award-winning Bangkok musical sex show, "Cock Ball Taint."

They're on again today at 4. Go check them out.