Holy Fuck is a show in LA that combines standup and sketch comedy. At last night's Bridgetown show, we saw a few minutes of filmed sketches, followed by a knockout lineup of stand-ups. Show host Dave Ross and his sketch group Women were in a couple of the videos shown, and sketch performers Jake Weisman and Allen Strickland Williams also did sets. I don't remember most of the details of Weisman's set, but it was engaging enough that I didn't take any notes on it either because I was just watching it. Ross, the host, spent most of his time making jokes about Portland and Craigslist. By Saturday night, the Portland jokes are usually getting a little old, but Ross let the weirdness of Portland's Craigslist keywords speak for itself and was refreshingly original.

Of all the comedians up that night, though, Bryan Cook and Cameron Esposito owned the show. Cook, of "Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction" fame, was totally on his game and had a hilarious feminist deconstruction of Klondike Bar commercials that would have been the highlight of the night if Esposito, from UCB LA and "Put Your Hands Together," hadn't come up soon after him and just burned the place down. I knew I liked her from the little bit of her act that I've seen, but last night she was just unstoppable.

Laura Kightlinger, who I've liked since I saw her on a writers' panel at a Chicago Comedy Festival a million years ago, was absolutely solid and had a good set, but it seemed a little phoned-in — especially after the great energy that Cook and Esposito brought. But even phoned-in, she's sharp and funny and knows her shit.

From there, the show — for me, at least, got a little dull. Dana Gould and Greg Behrendt were headliners, but the best part of the show was well before they hit the stage.

Gould is a fantastic writer and performer and the times I've seen and heard him talk as himself, without doing a stand-up schtick, I've been really impressed by him. But his stand-up just hasn't been landing for me this weekend. The audience really seemed to dig him, and he's technically proficient to such a degree that's it's not just impressive, it's a little scary. But his thing, I guess, just isn't my thing. I can't get past feeling like he's a modern-day Shecky Green trying to be yesterday's Daniel Tosh.

And Greg Behrendt also seemed to be getting some good laughs, but he's also one who's just never done it for me. (Insert half-assed "maybe I'm just not that into him" joke here....) I left before his set was over, to go see some other stuff. There are so many interesting, original comics in town this weekend, and the nice thing about Bridgetown is that if something isn't working for you, there's probably something else, just down the street, that will.

Speaking of which, Esposito is doing the 10pm show at Mt. Tabor Theater tonight. And so is Reggie Watts. Reggie Watts! Go there.