There have been SO many great shows at Bridgetown tonight — and it's still not over, so I'm making this quick. One of the best shows of the night was Iron Comic at, as Nato Green put it, the sane, responsible hour of 5pm.

Iron Comic is a fun show, and it was great to see it here in Portland with some of the fantastic comedians here for Bridgetown. The premise is pretty simple: five comics have to come up with three two-minute sets on suggestions supplied by the audience. Moshe Kasher and Nato Green hosted and were charming, smart, and hilarious. In their hands, the rejected audience suggestions were a bit in and of themselves. "Tennis OR Uterus polyp surgery." ? Really, Portland? We make it too easy sometimes.

Comics Guy Branum, Emily Heller, Dana Gould, Baron Vaughn, and Blaine Capatch each put together sets on 1) Middle-school boys, 2) Garfield's lasagna, and 3) Hulk Hogan. All of their sets were surprisingly and delightfully solid. Everyone was on, and having a great time. Heller and Branum killed it, though, and made it to the semifinals. Branum stripped to win the judges' favor, but Heller came out victorious.

And although Heller won Iron Comic for the night, Branum won Twitter. One of his Hulk Hogan jokes was the most re-tweeted line on my feed for most of the evening: "Hulk Hogan is what would happen if Florida were a person."