Reggie Watts, 4/21

Here's how I know I'm drunk enough to write this blog post:

1. I actually teared up a bit during Guy Branum's Eagles Lodge bit about why he loves pop songs. Had to tilt my head back and blink frantically to prevent spillover. Luckily it was dark.

2. I think I have now had nine dinners? The last one was beef jerky.

More comprehensive recaps are coming at you, but today was a rich, full day of Bridgetowning that for me began at 2 pm with an excellent Simpsons panel and concluded at Mt Tabor with Reggie Watts leading the crowd and a bunch of comedians including Todd Glass, Moshe Kasher, and Natasha Leggero in a song with the refrain "We all need shoes." It was Bridgetown's "We Are the World" moment.

Comics I love now thanks to Bridgetown this year are...:
Guy Branum
Chris Fairbanks
Jim Hamilton
David Huntsberger even though I already liked him but now i've seen him live and like him more.

Most overheard phrase at Bridgetown this year is...:
"he was on a bunch of molly"

Thing I hate most about comedy in general is...:
when comedians ask audience members what they do for a living and then repeat it back in a slightly condescending tone. EVERY JOB SOUNDS LAME COMPARED TO YOURS, COMEDIAN. Poor HR guy is just trying to put stupid food on the table like the boring rest of us.

Best "Portland joke" so far:
(still accepting nominees in this category)

Also, we all saw this picture, right?