Bridgetown nailed the dismount! The last show at Mt. Tabor, Put Your Hands Together, was fan-fucking-tastic. Nary a bad banana in the bunch. I've seen her before and really liked Cameron Esposito, but she's just gotten amazing. Sunday was her day, apparently. She won my heart with her joke about Portland's perpetual saint being the backpack. YES!!! I'm yours forever, Cameron. She introduced her lovely girlfriend, Rhea Butcher, who did a great set. They might be the cutest couple ever—let's invite them to move here! Seth Herzog's Wonder Woman bodysuit was amazeballs—he did his whole routine with it on, after he ripped off his tear-away tracksuit and did the most graceful, intricate dance number I've ever seen. There's nothing quite like listening to a stocky, hairy man in a bodysock talk about entertaining the troops. Loved it. Karen Kilgariff singing from behind her huge guitar was also awesome, saying, "Congratulations to people that like comedy—you're better than other people. I'm not kidding." Reggie Watts headlined the show, who was fantastic, per the youzh. Laura Kightlinger was a no-show, I'm not sure what happened there, but frankly the show was so jam-packed with good I didn't even miss her. Anyone hear what was up with that—I didn't miss her set when I went to the bathroom, did I? For those of you who missed last night's show, you can listen to a podcast of it real soon.

And with that comic gold in my back pocket, I didn't even mess around with hitting the Tanker one last time for its cavalcade of comedians. Always end on a high note!