This is the last you'll hear from me about the Bridgetown Comedy Fest, I promise. Just wanted to throw in a few final notes:

• Best Bridgetown yet? I think so. Best weekend of the year? Too soon to say, but Pickathon's gonna need to step up its game.

• The live recording of Janet Varney's JV Club podcast on Sunday afternoon was a festival highlight for me. Janet Varney, Natasha Leggero, and Karen Kilgariff are three fucking hilarious women; hearing them get a little personal (while remaining hilarious!) was a total treat.

• A few years ago at Bridgetown, when improvisers from Curious Comedy opened for the great improv troupe Theme Park, I was a little embarrassed for our locals. This year, when improvisers from Curious once again opened for Theme Park—our locals acquitted themselves quite well! And I was proud. (And of course, Theme Park's Cole Stratton and Janet Varney are two of the most hilarious people ever.)

• I drank my final PBR of the festival (jesus christ I drank a lot of PBR last weekend) at the White Owl show on Sunday, with a one-liner battle between Baron Vaughn and the charming, ubiquitous Peter Serafinowicz, and a surprise set from Ron Funches. It was a great way to end a great weekend.

How did everyone else feel about this year? Was your pass worth the money? Do you wish you'd gone, or would you go again? What do you regret missing—or regret seeing?

We've got a ton of festival photos right over here. After the jump, a Gallagher-themed Bridgetown diary comic from local standup Andie Main.