So this guy was talking to a cabbie looking for NW 23rd, and...

The cab driver's thick Russian accent was hard to understand. I had him repeat himself twice more before I realized he was saying, "Jew Lane." Seriously? In a bit of shock and not seeking a potential in-cab conflict I just said, "I don't know."
Unfortunately, this isn't the first time this kind of ignorance has flashed its nasty junk in my face.
Fuck him.
No, wait a second, Portland...
Fuck YOU.

Fuck me? Why fuck me?? I didn't call NW 23rd "Jew Lane"! (Although I might call it "Jewel Lane" since I hate Jewel.) Anyway, read the rest if you're interested in why this person is saying "fuck you" to you, and while you're there, drop off your own confession or rant in the I, Anonymous Blog! (AKA the Crown Jew of the Mercury Blogs! Wait... I meant "jewel.")