Leave it to Portland to stretch the measly two minutes of the Kentucky Derby into an all-day event. The 9th Annual Run for the Rose City Portland Derby is a gathering at the Left Bank Annex to watch the horse race, but they throw in so much more: brunch from Brix Tavern, mimosas, full bar, a dance party, costume contest (think Southern-fried charm), a raffle, and cornhole and beer pong tournament, and the proceeds benefit Oregon Active Foundation. Sounds like a sodden shitshow of silly, right? Expect the Rose Quarter to be swimming in humongous hats, pastel bowties, and the overwhelming smell of mint juleps wafting on the breeze.

Portland Derby at Left Bank Annex (101 N Weidler)
Sat May 4, 10 am-6 pm, $30-50, tix