In this week's Sold Out, I finally got to profile one of the Portland designers who originally got me interested in the independent apparel design scene here: Claire La Faye. Prominent at Seaplane and its events, La Faye's party dresses were the stuff of fantasy: romantic and unpredictable, feminine and just the right note of funky—not silly, but unexpected. She did a long stretch in Los Angeles shortly after I began covering the scene here, where she dressed a slew of celebrities for the red carpet, including a stint as Courtney Love's personal designer. Now back in Portland and concentrating exclusively on bridal wear, which takes her design signatures to next-level degrees of creative freedom, Haunt is hosting her on Saturday for a trunk show event, thus giving me the excuse to do the profile of her I've always wanted to. There's an itty bitty version in the print edition to make room for the photos, but check out the online extend-o version for the full scoop.