Sarah Jaffe
  • Michael Muller
Living room tours are all the rage this spring. While house shows are nothing new, we've gotten a number of great touring artists coming through town to play your neighbor's front room—and it's a fine antidote to dark, noisy clubs with bar-priced drinks. Also, some of the people who host these living room shows have dogs. Dogs make all shows better.

The Undertow music collective is responsible for a lot of these shows we're seeing (the company's creative director Mark Ray lives here in Portland, where he works at the North branding agency). Will Johnson of Centro-matic recently came through town on his living room tour, and other acts are about to do the same. Califone have two Portland shows in June—June 3 and June 7, both of which are already sold out, unfortunately. Shelby Earl is playing one on April 30, although I can't find a ticket link for that so it may be sold out, too [UPDATE: The Shelby Earl show has been postponed]. And David Bazan, king of the living-room tour, is playing Portland on June 2, doing a living room show that is also sold out. The Appleseed Cast and Anders & Kendall also have tours in the works that will likely stop by a Portland residence near you.

In the meantime, Sarah Jaffe has an upcoming living room show in Portland—actually I'm told this one will take place in a basement. It's scheduled for Sunday, May 19, and of course I can't tell you where it is, but I can tell you where to get tickets—here. (Once you get a ticket you'll find out where the show is.) The Denton-based Jaffe is an exceptional, underrated performer and an outstanding songwriter. Her first full-length, 2010's Suburban Nature, was a beautifully mournful, twanging, folk-flecked singer/songwriter record, while 2012's The Body Wins was something altogether different, a glossy, assured collection of smart pop. I'm guessing this living room show will lean towards the former, but you can take a look at Jaffe's range in the two videos I'm posting after the jump. Seeing her in your neighbor's cozy home, with the very real possibility of petting a dog, should not be missed.