It's a lot easier catching would-be terrorists who don't know the difference between real jihadists and undercover FBI agents who build them fake bombs. Yet another arm of the national security apparatus whose alleged strength and wisdom justifies our 12-year erosion of civil liberties was told about dead Boston Marathon bomb suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev but never checked up on him.

Tamerlan's brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has recovered enough from his injuries to leave the hospital and be taken to a prison infirmary—a transfer that came the same day officials speculated the brothers were headed to Times Square to kill and maim more people with homemade bombs.

Find a way around the paywall—or pay a little bit of money; it's worth it!—and read this Boston Globe interview with the 26-year-old engineer who said he was carjacked by the bombing suspects and driven around to get money and snacks before making a daring escape that almost got him killed. But ultimately led to the Tsarnaevs' getting caught a few minutes later.

The economy is growing—2.5 percent, in the last quarter. But Barack Obama is terrible and that's bad news because economists had been hoping for 3 percent growth.

Congress unites with steely resolve in the face of crippling sequestration budget cuts—to make life a little easier for well-heeled air travelers, who matter more than, say, the thousands of people in Oregon and across the country who might wind up in the streets.

The United States began stockpiling helium decades ago to combat the menace of a dirigible invasion over the Atlantic. That program is still stockpiling helium.

A Russian psychiatric home outside Moscow—a one-story, wooden structure with apparently poor wiring—burned up, killing 38 people.

One Afghan cop allegedly decided to help insurgents poison and then murder with bullets six other Afghan cops.

One of Hitler's taste-testers remembers all the sumptuous meals placed before the Nazi dictator (all vegetarian, she says) and the gnawing fear that she and the 14 other women doing the same job would succumb to Allied poison.

In Clackamas County: "Sheriff's deputies arrested a Milwaukie-area woman at her home Monday after finding a dead cat strapped with jumper cables to a makeshift operating table, surrounded by a wet sponge, scissors, a 12-inch knife, a plastic razor and a cigarette butt. Investigators said the cat's body had been tampered with and partially shaved. A necropsy determined the cat died of asphyxiation.

George Jones , the mold the rest of these country yokels keep crudely trying to copyk, is dead. Also, don't be the 9,000th person on Facebook making the same awful pun about love stopping. He was 81.