Hey local butchers! GET IT TOGETHER. Seriously, you guys are getting worse than bicyclists in this town.

Dear "Butcher" at Upscale Organic Chain,

You're the most expensive store in town, generally about 10% higher than the immediate competition. And yet, when I ask for two-thirds (2/3, .67) of a pound of ground beef, you give me more than three quarters (3/4. .75) of a pound.

What the fuck? I tried to make it easier for you by not asking for "point six" pounds, which can confuse some people, but you still fuck it up. The most basic task at the meat counter, weighing ground beef.

WHAT THE FUCK, BUTCHERS?!? Find out what else this butcher fucked up here, and be sure to drop off your own rant and/or confession in the I, Anonymous Blog—where even we know the difference between two-thirds and three-quarters of a pound.