DO YOU REMEMBER this hilarious Tweet that comedian Nathan Fielder sent out last week?


Well, I do, and the results were soooooooo funny! Check out some here!

Anyway, over the weekend Nathan tweeted his phone number, telling his pranking followers that if they got in super-duper trouble with their parents, the folks should call the number and Nathan would inform them that it was all just a big, dumb funny joke. HOWEVER THIS IS NOT WHAT HE DID. He actually left this message on his machine:

"Hi, you've reached Nathan. Please leave a message. Oh, and if you're a parent calling because your kid said that I asked them to pretend to be a drug dealer, I've been getting a lot of those calls and I know nothing about that and had nothing to do with it, so they're probably just using me as an excuse. Okay, thank you!"

Whaaaaaaaa??? Punkers—you done been PUNKED! Hear the message here.