The first footage from Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim debuted last year at WonderCon—but aside from a trailer that came out since then, there hasn't been much since. Which is kind of weird, considering Pacific Rim looks to have cost about 4,000 billion dollars and Warner Bros. is clearly positioning it to be a massive franchise. Me, I'm just delighted there's finally going to be a new Del Toro movie, especially when the guy's been wandering around, offhandedly saying things like

“What I wanted to do was to make gothic tech. What we went for is a very, very romantic look. I wanted to have a lot of crazy rain, wind, all the drama of an Emily Bronte movie in a high-tech movie.”


"We use cars and buildings as you would use walls in a bar fight or glasses and tables in a bar fight.”

ANYWAY. Looks like Warner Bros. has cut that WonderCon footage into a slick new trailer that, predictably enough, features a lot of really big robots fighting a lot of really big monsters. Were this just a "giant robots vs. giant monsters" flick, I'd probably be relatively stoked, because—let us face facts—I am a simple man who finds pleasure in simple things. The fact it's a Del Toro movie, though, instantly puts Pacific Rim up there with my most anticipated blockbusters of the summer—I'm sitting here trying to think of a time that Del Toro's directed a movie that I've been disappointed in, and I can't. (Produced some disappointing stuff, sure. Written some disappointing stuff, okay. But directed? Look at the dude's record. Mimic, maybe? But even that's got more weird quirks and creepy, pretty style than 99 percent of all other horror movies starring Mira Sorvino and a bunch of man-sized bugs.)

The only thing that's missing is the line "Inspired by the classic works of Emily Bronte."