The FBI is turning its attentions to the widow of Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev after discovering female DNA on one of two bombs used in the attack. Agents paid a visit to Katherine Russell at her parents' Rhode Island home yesterday. They say the DNA could have come from someone who helped make the bombs, or merely handled the materials prior to their corruption.

President Obama is speaking with reporters this morning. Looming large, Syria's suspected use of chemical weapons against civilians, something Obama, as I write this, is calling a "game-changer." Already, Republican hawks are clamoring for a more-muscular response to the situation in Syria.

BlackBerry's CEO thinks tablets are a bad business model, saying your iPads and sundry other devices will be useless in five years or so. So there's a pretty sobering warning from the head of that most relavant, on-the-cusp technology company. BlackBerry.

Is there any greater spectacle than a Dutch coronation? I submit to you there is not. The Netherlands has its first king in 123 years. So much orange.

I want so badly to believe this is true that I'm posting it in GMN despite my doubts. A New Hampshire man spent the ENTIRETY OF HIS LIVE SAVINGS over the weekend attempting to win his children an XBox at a carnival game. Henry Gribbohm dropped a quick $300 at the Tubs of Fun booth, with no success. So he went home and grabbed an extra $2,300. He quickly lost that as well. They gave him a giant stuffed rasta banana, though.

Obama update: Right now he's talking about airports. He's upset that US airports aren't considered the top in the world. And whoops! A tough question about the Guantanamo hunger strikes. "I continue to believe that we've got to close Guantanamo," Obama says, and launches into all the reasons why. And yet it's still open. Because "Congress," says Obama.

Why is the Weather Widget purple today? I honestly have no idea. It is patently not night outside. She's a mysterious lady.


Here's hoping everyone has an excellent Tuesday.