Heyyyyyy.... Did someone put fluoride in the I, Anonymous Blog? Because this well-known poison is making some people act CRAZY! Here's an example from a post called, "Did You Actually GO to Journalism School?"

I THOUGHT that journalists were supposed to actually ASK questions of people in authority, as opposed to toe-ing the line for them. Fluoride is the ONLY substance categorized as a "protected pollutant". Betcha didn't look that one up, did ya merc "news" staff?

He's referring, of course, to this week's feature which he's really mad about, because he obviously went to "Tooth Science" school and knows everything there is to know, because he's a highly respected tooth scientist. Hey, do you have a rant or confession that isn't necessarily based on pseudoscience? Drop it off in the hallowed academic halls of the I, Anonymous Blog—where we put the "urinal" in "jourinalism"!