This Saturday, May 5, the Portland Cello Project teams up with Portlandportland School of Rock students to form a giant behemoth called Portland Rockproject Celloschool. Okay, I just made that up, but the two groups are performing a special show together at the Aladdin Theater that they're calling "Beck, Brubeck and Bach"; the program naturally will comprise pieces by those three composers. (Somewhere, Burt Bacharach is taking a long hard look in the mirror.)

Actually, this is precisely why Portland Cello Project is so great: They've found the common thread between baroque composer Bach, jazz titan Dave Brubeck, and indie songwriter Beck—you know, as in Beck. They'll be performing new arrangements of tracks from Beck's latest "album," Song Reader, which is a collection of songs that was published in book form but not released on an album. So it's one of your only chances to hear those songs out loud, PLUS the Portland School of Rock will be there, too! The kids'll be playing rock instruments, as PCP has got the cello end of things all sewn up.

Above is the premiere of Beck's "Why Did You Make Me Care?" which Portland Cello Project performed at their Song Reader performance at the Aladdin in December, with special guest vocalist Jolie Holland.

But it gets better. We're giving away a pair of tickets to the show, so if you like great music and hate spending money, jump on over to End Hits!