A couple weeks ago we introduced new writer Ronald Quiroga and his real estate-centric column over on MOD, and today he's back with his first specimen.

If you were to split up the personalities of prospective homeowners, some would be the type who love big old houses with personality and weird details that need a shit-ton of work (me!). Then there are the smart people, who are looking for move-in ready, brand new everything, no pending problems or DIY money pits in sight. House #1 is for the latter mindset, one of those new craftsman-style houses that have been popping up all over town and, I think, doing a decent job of blending in with the existing architecture.

It's also amazingly priced, and while it does cross the 82nd-avenue "line of fire" for some people, it's half a block off Glisan, which is snap. And as someone currently typing this with flecks of oil based primer all over her hands, I can tell you that the fact that everything's done has its advantages.

316 NE 92nd Ave