I can tell you right now that this week's letters section is going to be nothing compared to next week's letters section. Because this.

But still! This week's letters shall not be ignored! Like,

Botany that smells like genitals. It's still happening.

—Wedding planning is stressful, not least because everyone thinks they should be the one to tell you how to do it.

—We knew that this cover would raise some eyebrows, yet some people still manage to surprise us.

  • Photo by Bob Renno

—Alison Hallett tells it how it is about the Stumptown Comics Fest, people appreciate her honesty and criticism, and things are as they should be.

—And! Erika the Haiku Bandit (I just came up with that) returns! Poetry in the Mercury two issues in a row? That's history in the making, my friends.

seventy degrees!

cloud city: i'm not ready

still cranky and crass

Seventy degrees is so last week.