Gracing the stage of the Bossanova Ballroom this Saturday, May 4, are the risque antics of the L'Pow Burlesque Company Dancers, including but not limited to the likes of Madison Moone, Itty Bitty Bang Bang, and Nina Nightshade, with visiting moves from Seattle's Boom Boom L'Roux and Jo "Boobs" Weldon, the headmistress and founder of the New York School of Burlesque. For a show both appropriately and slightly disturbingly timed for this Mother's Day season, the show is titled "La Femme Celeste” and will serve as a tribute to "Goddess icons from around the world... paying homage to pay homage to the symbols of fertility, creativity, birth and death." Beginning at 7 with a cocktail soiree centered around cocktails from sponsors Drambuie Liquor, the 8 pm show promises live music from the ever-entertaining Orchestre L'Pow, verbal entertainment from MC Vincent Drambuie, and the most artful and empowering collection of performances around.

To win a pair of tickets to this spectacularly nude spectacle, send an e-mail featuring your name to our incredible editor here with "PASTIES" in the subject line by noon on Friday, May 3. He'll pick a lucky Blogtown follower (and his/her plus one) at random and we'll get your names on the super exclusive guest list, where you'll be joined by other burlesque fans who had to pay for a $10-40 ticket. Be there or be forced to watch naked people who are NOT stripping to an incredible live band.

The fabulous Jo Boobs Weldon
  • Norman Blake, New York School of Burlesque
  • The fabulous Jo "Boobs" Weldon

The Bossanova Ballroom is located at 722 E Burnside.