HEY! Don't forget! Tonight is IPRC's first Pub Night, which means you can grab a drink for a small donation to a good cause (side note: Wouldn't it be nice if you got a free pint when you wrote that Arts Tax check? I'd pay five extra bucks if it came with a beer) and rub elbows with small press publishers, comics producers, and zinesters.

The headliner is Dishwasher Pete, who has been known to send false Dishwasher Pete's to public appearances,* although it's likely it'll be the real dude this time. If you don't remember Dishwasher, Pete's zine about trying to wash dishes in every state in the US, or the resultant memoir, well... that's what he's famous for. But now he lives in Amsterdam and has written a book called In The City of Bikes: The Story of The Amsterdam Cyclist. Don't get your Lycra shorts in a twist, though, I think people generally agree that Portland is still America's City of Bikes. Or Amsterdam is still Europe's Portland, or whatever.

Before Dishwasher Pete reads, though, there's going to be what sounds like a really interesting State Of The Small Press talk, including representatives from Hawthorne Books, Future Tense Books, Perfect Day Publishing, and Lazy Fascist Press. They will presumably talk about the internet a lot (sorry).

Tonight at the IPRC, 1001 SE Division, small press talk at 6 pm, reading at 7:30 pm.


*Here's Dishwasher Pete on This American Life talking about having his friend pretend to be him on Letterman.