IRON MAN 3 Their one weakness: Animal Planets My Cat From Hell marathons.
  • IRON MAN 3 Their one weakness: Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell marathons.

IRON MAN 3 I was just sitting here trying to think of threequels that are better than the first two movies, and... I got nothing. Maybe I'm forgetting something? Remind me if I am. Otherwise: This is the first threequel in history to be better than both of its predecessors.

HUNKY DORY Hey, look, another movie about theater kids being theater kids. And it's another movie, Alison Hallett notes, about One Teacher Who Makes a Difference. I'm sure somebody out there will find this combination appealing? Somewhere?

RENOIR Marjorie Skinner says it's all beauty and no brains. OH, IMPRESSIONIST SNAP!

GIMME THE LOOT Sure, you could go see Gimme the Loot, Or, Rose Finn says, you could just watch Do the Right Thing again.

There's more—including Cinema Project's latest program, Harold Lloyd's Safety Last!, and 1956's Forbidden Planet—in Film Shorts. (Weirdly, Forbidden Planet is the second of this week's films—the first is Hunky Dory—that heavily relies on The Tempest. WEIRD!) Film times are here.