Tomorrow's Free Comic Book Day, that magical day once a year when you can just walk into a comic book store and get something for free. Books like these, which cover everything from The Walking Dead to Sesame Street. Here's a sleepy-seeming Hugh Jackman telling you about it, but mostly he wants to remind you that they're making another Wolverine movie to make up for how terrible the last one was. Take it away, sleepy Hugh!

Anyway, getting free comics is more fun than he makes it sound, promise. Being the comics haven that it is, not only are bunch of Portland's comics shops participating (Cosmic Monkey Comics at 5335 NE Sandy; Bridge City Comics at 3725 N Mississippi, Floating World Comics at 400 NW Couch, Excalibur Books and Comics at 2444 SE Hawthorne, Future Dreams at 1847 E Burnside, and all three local Things from Another Worlds locations at 2916 NE Broadway, 10977 SE Main in Milwaukie, and 4390 SW Lloyd in Beaverton), but a few will also have creators, signings, sales, storm troopers wandering around the store, whatever. Yeah. STORM TROOPERS! Hit the jump for details on what Cosmic Monkey, Floating World, and Things from Another World have planned.

Cosmic Monkey has the following creators swinging by throughout the day:

Joshua Williamson and Vinny Navarrete (Dear Dracula, Sketch Monsters)
Jeremy Barlow (R.I.P.D, Mass Effect, Star Wars)
Jake and Pixie Ingman
Celina Hernandez (Chibi Comics, So Super Duper)
Mike Murphy (Chibi Comics, Samurai & Dinosaurs)
Devon Devereaux (Tales Of Hot Rod Horror)
Adam Gallardo (Gear School, 100 Girls)
John Isaacson (Feedback)
Kyle Shold (The Pevailist)
Adam Watson (Darkslinger Comics)
Pharoah Bolding (The Dot)
Colin Butler (The Vast)
Shawn Aldridge (Vic Boone)

Meanwhile, over at Floating World, from 12 pm-3 pm:

JFish (Master P’s Theater, Junqueland, Burgermancer)
Tyler Crook (BPRD, Petrograd)
Ales Kot (Wild Children, Change, Suicide Squad)
Robbi Rodriguez (Frankie Get Your Gun, Uncanny X-Force)

Floating World's also got an all-day sale going—where "for every dollar spent at the register you get a FREE dollar comic from our back issue bins. If you buy a $30 book you get 30 FREE dollar comics"—and Master P's Theater, " a free book that we co-published with Sparkplug, Teenage Dinosaur and Snakebomb."

The Portland location of Things From Another World has stuff going on too:

11:30 am-1:30 pm:
Terry Dodson (Uncanny X-Men)
Erika Moen (Bucko, DAR)
Jeremy Barlow (Mass Effect, R.I.P.D.)
2 pm-4 pm:
Joshua Williamson and Vicente Navarrete (Captain Midnight, Sketch Monsters)
Michael Avon Oeming (Victories, Powers)

They've also got some pirates who'll be... being all pirate-y from 10-2, but you'll have to go to the Beaverton store if you want to see the storm troopers. STORM TROOPERS! More info about the Beaverton and Milwaukie stores here.