Bubbly wine is clearly the Disneyland of influences, in my opinion: the Happiest Drunk on Earth, and no longer exclusively for special occasions. Beginning today and running through Mother's Day, Portland Bubbles Week has arrived to promote the accessibility and general enjoyment of the most delightful beverage in its local form. Founding event producer Argyle Winery has organized tastings and workshops at restaurants, food carts, grocery stores, and events around town, from samples at Tuesday's Taste of the Nation to a Mother's Day Brunch at Raven & Rose. Some events are already sold out, like a promising oyster event at the Parish, but there is plenty of fun to be had and corks to be popped. A week-long faux-Champagne spree is the perfect way to celebrate our early Summer.


Portland Bubbles Week runs May 6-12 at various times and locations.