Google's "wearable computer" (AKA Google Glass) made the NYT yesterday in this article which discusses the device's advanced technology... AND how it can totally spy on you in public... AND how you feel about that. For example:

A pair of lens-less frames with a tiny computer attached to the right earpiece, Glass is promoted by Google as “seamless and empowering.” It will have the ability to capture any chance encounter, from a celebrity sighting to a grumpy salesclerk, and broadcast it to millions in seconds.


“Google Glass will test the right to privacy versus the First Amendment,” said Bradley Shear, a social media expert at George Washington University.

It's an interesting article and you should check it out. But what really caught my eye was this quote from Thad Starner, who is a technical adviser to the Glass team, and claims people's concerns are overblown.

“Asocial people will be able to find a way to do asocial things with this technology, but on average people like to maintain the social contract,” Mr. Starner said.

OH? I would say this statement deserves a poll from Blogtown (voted "most asocial" for the third year running)!