Hey! STUPID BABY! Yeah, you! What are you doing with that dummy, DUMMY? You actually think you're smart enough to perform CPR? HAAA! Right! You're too freaking STUPID to... ugggnnh. UGGGGGNNNNHH. Ow, ow, ow, my chest really hurts! And my arm! My arm is totally numb!! OH, GOD... NO. No, this can't be happening to me! HEY! STUPID STUPID BABY! Come over here and perform some of that CPR on me!! No... not the dummy, you stupid idiot! ME! ME!! Oh sweet god, you're more stupid than I ever imagined! COME HERE, YOU STUPID BABY! COME HE.... unnnggggh.

Oh, great. Now I'm in hell... thanks to you, STUPID BABY!!