We ran out of room in the paper this week to tell you about local label SoHiTek's fourth anniversary party tonight at the Doug Fir. The label—which includes DoublePlusGood, Chrome Wings, Pocketknife, Hosannas, Pegasus Dream—is also home to Fanno Creek (pictured above), who have recently finished recording a new album, which no doubt will come out on SoHiTek in the coming months. They're playing tonight along with labelmates Pegasus Dream, DoublePlusGood, and Pocketknife, and they recently appeared on the inaugural episode of new podcast Party Boyz, in which bands are interviewed over brunch. (Mercury contributor Rachel Milbauer is one of the hosts of Party Boyz.) Fanno Creek plays some of their favorite songs—which include the Kinks and Neil Diamond, truly after my own heart—and then perform a quick acoustic set in the backyard. Check it out here, or on Party Boyz' Soundcloud and Facebook pages.

SoHiTek Fourth Anniversary with Fanno Creek, Pegasus Dream, DoublePlusGood, Pocketknife; tonight at the Doug Fir, 830 E Burnside, 9 pm, $5.