There's such a thing as "restaurant manners." And I'm pretty sure this person broke those rules:

I have you two in the middle booth. A grandma and grandpa the booth to your right, and a very good looking single bar regular to your left. And even with all that, every time I walked up to check up on you, you were still talking about the STD he gave you. Your girlfriend who you were accompanied with, had such a mortified look on her face that every time I passed your table, I could tell that she’d rather be in a white dress, in a crowded room starting her period.

And oh yes, IT GETS WORSE. (So I gave you a STD! Let it drop already!!) Do you have a ST... I mean, a rant or confession you'd like to infect on the general populace? Insert it into the I, Anonymous Blog—where you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit.