After 8 years, SNL regular Bill Hader—best known perhaps as the heeeeeelarious Stefon—is leaving the show. Fine, but don't take Stefon with you!

Adult Swim is returning with another Greatest Event in Television History (last year's was an exact recreation of the opening credits of Simon & Simon, starring Adam Scott and Jon Hamm), this time Scott and Parks & Rec co-star Amy Poehler will recreate the classic romantic detective series Hart to Hart! (This "greatest event" will surely be the "greatest event" ever!)

In Parks & Rec related news... here's "Tron Swanson."

Popwatch asks the question, "Who should replace Seth Meyers at the SNL "Weekend Update" desk?" They say John Mulaney—who is ohhhhhhhkay, but I say, Anthony Jeselnik! WHAT DO YOU SAY?

R.I.P. famed TV psychologist Dr. Joyce Brothersdead at age 85.

Ordinarily annoyingly nice comedian Wayne Brady threatens to "beat Bill Maher's ass in public." Not so nice now!

And finally, Fox releases a whopping SEVEN new trailers for their fall shows, most notably Sleepy Hollow, J.J. Abrams robot cop show Almost Human, and Andy Samberg's police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine—which I wish was funnier! BE MORE FUNNIER.