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Subject: Does Her Reading Material Reflect Her Willingness to Put Out?
Date: May 15, 2013 12:31:56 PM PDT
Hi Alison,

I thought you would be interested to learn about a new study that finds a link between what a woman is reading while she is traveling and her willingness to indulge in a casual hookup. The study, produced by travel dating website, reveals key characteristics shared by women who are reading similar titles off the New York Times Best Seller List. Our study found that 83 percent of women admit to saving the majority of their reading time for traveling, with 91 percent of all women purchasing their travel reading material at the airport. polled 47,320 female members, asking a series of questions about reading preferences, travel and relationships. Based on the results of this study, we are releasing what we call, the "Summer Reading Guide for Single Men".

“We found it interesting that most women only read when they are traveling,” says Brandon Wade, Founder & CEO of “We wanted to take that information and see if we could find meaning behind the books they choose, and use it help guide the single man, in his search for romance abroad.”

The Synopsis:

If she's reading The Great Gatsby or Silver Linings Playbook, she's probably hooked up with a stranger before, and history often repeats itself. Chance she's DTF: Odds are 3 to 1.

If she's reading Divergent or Game of Thrones, she is probably willing and able, but is looking for more than just a one time thing. Chance she's DTF: Odds are 2 to 1 with strings attached.

If she's reading Fifty Shades or Crossfire, she's looking to be rescued from a loveless, passionless love life. Chance she's DTF: Odds are 2 to 1.

If she's reading BossyPants or Is Everyone Hanging Out With Out Me?, it could go either way. Chance she's DTF: Odds are 4 to 1.

If she's reading Gone Girl or 12th of Never, she is probably more interested in the outcome of her book than hooking up with you. Chance she's DTF: Odds are 7 to 1.

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