Rebecca Jacobson over at the Willamette Week interviewed Mike Daisey in advance of his Tuesday show Journalism, and she did a nice job with it. I've interviewed Daisey a few times and he definitely tends to run a conversation; Jacobson sticks to her guns. I thought you guys might particularly enjoy this part:

You weighed in on The Portland Mercury’s recent blog post about you? Why?
Probably because I drank some NyQuil. It was a terrible idea. One should never respond to Internet comments. It was the Mercury! Of course I regret it. It was kind of hilarious because they talked themselves into a fascinating corner. They said, “The very fact that you’re here shows how pathetic you are, because we’re pathetic,” which I just thought was the saddest fucking thing I’d ever read, because on some level I thought they might actually want to have a conversation. I have that delusion every once in a while that people want to have a conversation on places like the Mercury blog.

The whole thing is worth a read, though, it's a good little interview.