2000's Pitch Black—at least as I remember it, it's been a while—was pretty great. One of Vin Diesel's first big roles, director David Twohy accomplished quite a bit with a relatively low budget; like Twohy's The Arrival (with Charlie Sheen!) it was a fairly smart and consistently entertaining sci-fi thriller, the sort of thing that holds up really well when you stumble across it on TV in the middle of the night. After Pitch Black's unexpected success, Universal quintupled Twohy's budget for a 2004 sequel, The Chronicles of Riddick, a thing that is boring and overblown and overambitious and remarkably bland, and a really shining example of how easily Hollywood can suck the life and joy out of just about anything by throwing money at it and slapping a PG-13 where an R should be.

It's been almost a decade since Chronicles of Riddick, and while Vin Diesel has gone on to Fast & Furious stardom, Twohy... hasn't been up to much. But now he's paired back up with Diesel for another Pitch Black sequel, Riddick—the budget's back in check, the rating's R, they snagged Starbuck from Battlestar, and it's been independently produced. (Like, really independently produced.) I don't want to overstate the case, but from this first trailer, it looks like Twohy and Diesel are back in the frame of mind that made Pitch Black as much fun as it was. Here's hoping that 13 years after the fact, Pitch Black might get the sequel it deserved.