The reason why bi women, at least, don't like straight girls getting drunk and kissing other girls for men's benefit is that it contributes to the idea that bisexual women don't really exist.

There's a reason I personally don't like it, but it isn't the above. Here's my reason: as a queer woman, mostly interested in dating only other women, when I see a woman kissing another woman, I think it's someone who may be interested in dating me. My dating pool is already small, i.e. limited to women who want to have sex with other women. I don't want to waste time pursuing a straight woman who is just trying to get guys off. Even more annoying is when it's me that they're drunkingly getting frisky with. I mean, what better sign do you need for sexual interest than someone kissing you! And yet, it's not at all a good sign!

I'm sorry, but straight/bi doods are pretty easy for chicks to get into bed. You don't need to involve my sexuality, straight girls.

Some Queer Chick

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I read your repsonse to Drunk Straight Girl, the reader who kisses other drunk straight girls to turn on drunk straight boys. I'm a DSB and personally DSG's can go to hell. DSGs make me and my partners cringe. We know they're only in it for the attention and honestly that ruins it for me. I wouldn't date, marry, sleep with, hate fuck or otherwise be involved with a DSG. DSGs are like go-go boys with their short-shorts stuffed with rolled socks.—Straight Guy Hatin' DSG


I absolutely grant you that there are bigger problems out there than DSGs, Dan, but I can tell you why drunk straight girls who kiss other DSGs for the benefit of guys are annoying. 1) It's annoying to spend time kissing a girl and really thinking you're getting somewhere only to find out that the kissing was for the benefit of that guy over there and now you're going to have to find another girl to kiss if you actually want to get laid, and 2) DSGs give men with the impression that the kissing you're doing is for their benefit and that they might actually get to sleep with you, when actually there's no chance in hell of that happening.—Drunk Lesbian Girl