You'll be able to listen to the Portland-taped episode of Professor Blastoff soon enough, so I'm not going to bother recapping the entirety of the show. In brief: It was a lot of fun, and some guest-related awkwardness.


-An extended CCR gibberish singalong featuring the refrain "Cows Wanna Know"
-the suggestion that air quotes are actually "finger bunnies," and subsequent bunny punning
-the first law-themed heckle I've ever heard (I think it was "You're blowing standards!" Does that make sense?)
-A bracing round of "Name That Punky"


-The evening's guest was a third-year law student from Willamette University (hence the lawyer heckle) who... how to put this... didn't seem familiar with the podcast? It was pretty awkward and boring for a while there.
-No non-gigantic T-shirts for sale. Which happens EVERY TIME I try to guilt-buy a shirt at comedy shows. (Something you should do if you get into shows for free for whatever reason, BTW.) Consequently my boyfriend has WTF, Dork Forest, and now Professor Blastoff shirts, how nice for him.

Mississippi Studios kind of rules as a comedy venue, yeah? The show was a bit oversold (thanks to people like meeeee) and a bunch of folks had to stand in the back, but it's a good size and no one forces you to buy overpriced well drinks. Looking forward to seeing Natasha Leggero there in a couple weeks.