FILM—Cinema 21's excellent noir series Return to Noir Ville is back for another year, and today's films are some great ones: the Coen brothers' Texas noir Blood Simple, 1944's Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews flick Laura, and Fritz Lang's 1953 classic The Big Heat. EH
Cinema 21, 616 NW 21st, see for showtimes, $6 ($40 for 13-day pass)

THE "HIPHOP"—Two nice men named "Fabulous" and "Pusher Tee" [He means Fabolous and Pusha T. Sigh.—Eds.] will perform an uplifting array of danceable tunes. They also are good at wordplay. AKA "rap," like what you do when you go to your friend's apartment and the door is locked and you hope they didn't fall in the bathtub and die. I'm old! DCT
w/Portland Express, Supanova, & more; Roseland, 8 NW 6th, 8 pm, $27, all ages