IT'S ELECTION DAY, PORTLAND! Vote, if you haven't, damn your eyes.

Emergency workers are searching this morning through the rubble that was once an Oklahoma City suburb, after a powerful tornado struck the area Monday afternoon. The damage is vast, and the toll is unclear, but dozens are dead and many more injured.

And, yikes. More rough weather looks likely.

A new Xbox is being revealed today, which at my current rate of adopting video game consoles means I can look forward to owning one in nine years or so. Exciting!

Still almost 12 hours left to VOTE! Why not?

I know very little about golf, but I do know that—to the extent the playing of the sport itself can be said to look normal—those very-long putters some players use are ridiculous. And now they're outlawed.

Former Internal Revenue Service heads are appearing before a Senate committee this morning. It's continued fallout over recent revelations the agency improperly targeted conservative groups.

And look who else is in a Senate committee hot seat!. Apple CEO Tim Cook is testifying today, following revelations the enormous company employed elaborate schemes to shield international earnings from the US' greedy and nebbish tax collectors. One thing: According to the Washington Post "using foreign operations to avoid U.S. taxes is legal and common among multinationals."

The sun, long a provider and sustainer of life for those of us here on Earth, is considering taking out our electric grids.

Instead of grumbling about the tepid, gray drizzle the Weather Widget has in store this week, let's be thankful Portland never gets anything more serious than a light snow, weather-wise. Some thunder would be nice once in a while, though.