Tonight at 7 at Powell's Cedar Hills (3415 SW Cedar Hills, Beaverton), sci-fi author John Scalzi is reading from his latest, The Human Division. I reviewed it this week. I really liked it! The short version:

The Human Division is all over the place: There's military sci-fi! There are Nazis in space! Jokes about how terrible the Chicago Cubs are, even centuries in the future! Dog-eating plants! Salinger-esque sibling squabbles! Brains in boxes! Rush Limbaugh, pretty much! A murder mystery? A very patient alien dealing very patiently with those Nazis! "Never a dull day in the lower reaches of the Colonial Union diplomatic corps," Wilson cracks, and he's right: The Human Division's episodes are great, and together, they demonstrate not only how clever Scalzi can be, but also how good he is at thrills, comedy, politics, and making jokes at the expense of the Chicago Cubs.

Today is stupid deadline day at the stupid paper which means I'm going to be stuck at stupid work until past stupid 7, so I won't be there—which means maybe you could go in my stead and get me a signed copy? Thanks, internet pals.