The technical glitch that snarled last week's arts tax payment deadline has been fixed, the city just reported, and the deadline for paying the arts tax (remember, $35 for most income earners) has now been extended to June 10.

That's almost two months, let's note, after the original April 15 deadline.

It's been a long couple of days, so I'll be pasting in the press release that everyone else will mostly just be rewriting anyway. Just remember two things: Monday, June 10. And

Oh, and the city told me last week that it's unclear how all this is affecting the cap on how much revenue can be devoted to administrative costs.

On May 15, 2013, the City’s website experienced a problem related to the overwhelming response of Portlanders paying their Arts Tax on the deadline. As a result, people were not able to pay their tax late that afternoon and evening.

To prevent the online payment system from overloading, City technical personnel implemented measures to limit the number of concurrent filers on the site at any one time.

These new measures will monitor payment processing capacity. If higher than manageable capacity is reached, then users will get a message asking them to submit their payment in a few minutes. This message will come up when the user selects the button to submit the payment. Users have the option to wait a few minutes and try again or send in their payment by mail. Having this system in place will ensure that usage does not exceed the system capacity and allow payments to continue to be processed online.

Technical staff are also working on increasing the overall capacity of the payment site.

City staff are validating payments that happened on Wednesday, May 15 when the system became overloaded. If there are discrepancies, filers will be contacted and adjustments made as necessary.