• FAST & FURIOUS 6 Yes.

Writing about films as important as Fast & Furious 6 is immeasurably difficult—there are a lot of things to get through before you can even talk about what the film means, from the series' increasingly complex timeline to the its detailed and nuanced physics.

My review—my futile, earnest, failed attempt at summing up all there is to say about Fast & Furious 6 in a mere 300 words—is here. There were, however, three things that I was not able to fit into the review. I shall now list them here.

1. The main personality trait of one of my favorite Fast & Furious characters, Han Seoul-Oh (Sung Kang), is that he loves eating snacks. He eats a ton of snacks in Fast & Furious 6! Actually, he might even eat too many snacks?

2. The Rock is referred to by various names in this film, including "Hobbs" and "Agent Hobbs." (Also, characters frequently remark that they can "smell baby oil" when he approaches.) Here are my four favorite things the Rock is called during Fast & Furious 6:

~ "Captain America"
~ "Hulk"
~ "Samoan Thor"
~ "Cop"

3. As I have previously noted, I believe Haywire to be one of Steven Soderbergh's best films; it's also a film that marked the cinematic debut of Gina Carano, a former MMA fighter. Carano is in Fast & Furious 6—her character, "Riley," works alongside Hobbs/Captain America/Hulk/Samoan Thor/Cop—which is FANTASTIC. However. Even though it is clearly evident that Carano could beat the holy hell out of everyone else in Fast & Furious 6—at one point, the Rock even implies she should be playing his role*. And yet, in my only complaint about the film, the only person they have Carano fight is Michelle Rodriguez. Whaaaaat? Presumably, this is because they are both women. Whaaaaat? BOO. I don't even know how to begin with what a massive missed opportunity this is, so instead I will simply remind you how great Carano is.

Good day.

*"Woman, you keep that up, I'm gonna be out of a job!" —Hobbs (the Rock) to Riley (Gina Carano) in Fast & Furious 6.