This week's letters to the editor are a little, mmmm, I'm gonna say "eclectic."

—First off this dude David (last name "Messenger"... coincidence?) went through a days-long phase of sending us his "thought of the day." This included an expression of hatred against drum circles (here, here), the criticization of girls' haircuts, followed by, "I get bicycle activism. I ride every day, since 1988. Locally. I haven't had a driver's license in over 30 years. (Know a woman who finds that attractive? Have her call me—they are few and far between, believe me.)" Hmm.

—Just your garden variety general insult from John: "Your latest issue contains absolutely nothing of value." Yeah, yeah.

—Another sputter of outrage. This time we let "Colemter001" stand by his "flouride" stance without intervention.

—And then oops! Jennifer got her best fuck-you finger stuck in one of our boxes. Frankly I think it just looks tougher this way:


I know it's raining, but try not to be such a bummer next week, you guys!