One of the organizers of Portland City Hall's nearly 18-month-old camping-ban protest, poet and activist Kernel Loose-Nut, is looking to mark Tuesday's fluoride shellacking with a themed party meant to tweak fluoride supporters here and across the country who made it clear they considered (victorious) fluoride foes a bunch of conspiratorial kooks and science deniers.

Starting at 6 tonight, outside city hall, the Kernel is throwing what he's calling a "Tin-Foil Hat Parade." I received an invite on Facebook, along with a few hundred other people. And as for what the "parade" entails? It's exactly that, with a fashion show and craft party thrown in.

Here's the Kernel's rough itinerary:

6-7 design and build
7-8 foil fashion show
8-9 parade and libations

bring ideas, supplies, sharables