Yesterday I discovered the podcast 5 Useless Degrees and a Bottle of Scotch, on which two dudes with extensive theater backgrounds drink whisk(e)y and talk about Portland theater. As a Manhattan-partial theater critic, obviously I was thrilled; plus, their discussions of local shows are substantive, informed, and actually critical, all of which are in short supply in Portland theater coverage.

I've also been enjoying Welcome to That Whole Thing, the weekly co-production from Bobby Roberts and Cort Webbers that replaced their long-running show cortandfatboy.

Couple weeks ago I was a guest on Patioh, Patino, which is a mostly-comedy podcast whose four hosts talk dating and other funny junk on patios around town. I'm refusing to listen to my episode, but I helped the ladies with their online dating profiles, and probably said some incriminating shit that I would prefer my boyfriend not know about. (Hi honey!)

I'm also avoiding listening to my recent appearance on Happy Go Lucky, a pop-culture podcast co-hosted by Mercury contributor Ben Coleman. We talk about Enders Game and I strain to sound smart, which is much easier to do in writing, lemme tell you.

Oh yeah, and Mercury columnist Alex Falcone has a great show, did everybody know that? Read It and Weep? They talk about terrible movies and books in a hilarious way.

And finally, a few days ago Marjorie was a guest on Needmore Designs' design/music/business/culture podcast The Job, which I haven't listened to, but if they had Marjorie on, they must have good taste.

Anyone else got anything new/interesting/local on their radar?